Welcome to IMA Show

Spring 2017

Language: Processing Kinect


This project is built for IMA spring show (2017) as a welcoming interactive installation located at the entrance. It's based on some funny demos I made when audit "Kinectic Interfaces" class (lead by IMA professor Moon, Fall 2016), which focuses on creating interfaces response to human motion through microsoft Kinect.

Before I start to build this installation, there has already been a wonderful poster designed by group of IMA students; and the poster well explains the theme of show -- AR& VR. So I decided to use the visual language in the poster design and make an installation which visitors can play and interact with, and moreover as a strong response to the show's AR& VR theme.


This project is based on some funny demos I've made when auditing kinectic interface class. In those demos, depth image captured by Kinect is converted into points cloud and object (a particle system) like RMB cash or letters will come out from participants' heads or hands(tallest part of the point cloud).

And to follow the visual language in the poster design by IMA students:

Cubes, spheres and pyramid will spurt out from participants' hand and falls down to "ground".

Future Development

Setup the installation again and make better documentation.

Source code for this website is available on github.