The City of Love

November 2019 - Now

Language: Python Max MSP Unity

"The city of love 爱乐之城" is an artificial intelligence powered performance project (April 2019 - Present) and a collaboration among four different organizations at the city of Shanghai, including Tong Ji University, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, and New York University, Shanghai.

And here are venues and events this project have been showed:

🎻 10/14/2019. Tongji Design Week: Beauty of Uncertainty in the age of AI, Shanghai, China.
🎷 06/27/2019. Chinese New Literati, DaNing International, Shanghai, China.
🎸 05/23/2019. Shanghai Science& Technology Festival, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum , China.

The City of Love at Aven Le ZHOU's solo exhibition at DaNing Libary.

The City of Love at Shanghai Science& Technology Festival at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

More explorations on the way!

Source code for this website is available on github.